The Details Process

The Details process is a proven strategy to find the best candidates for a position.

Initial Consultations: Define the position and establish criteria for the qualities of a successful candidate. 

Develop a Search Strategy: Based on agreed upon search criteria, an overall recruitment strategy is developed which identifies organizations, industry connections, opportunities, known candidates that are registered with Details, and projected timelines.

Advertising of the Position: Bermuda Immigration requires available positions to be advertised should a client want to consider Non-Bermudian candidates.  Details will craft the advertisement and ensure all regulations are met.  We can also supplement your search through LinkedIn and other social media mediums.

Assessment and Selection: Determine the suitability of potential candidates through numerous screening procedures to select the top candidates.

Skill Testing: Details offers practical skill testing for a variety of positions.  We will work with you to develop and administer customizable performance tests through our online administration portal; facilitating candidate appraisals.

Reference Checks and Candidate Evaluations: Reference checks, police background checks, qualification verifications, and Behavioral Assessments (DISC Survey, Myers Briggs) can be performed.

Reporting: Summary reports on all screened candidates and an assessment of their overall strengths and weaknesses are provided.

Interviews: All interviews between our clients and candidates are coordinated. Details will debrief both parties to gauge mutual interest.

Compensation Offers: During the negotiation and offer stage we advise clients on industry compensation levels and local market trends to ensure our clients are competitive and compliant with Bermuda’s Employment Act.

Immigration Management:  If your chosen candidate requires a Work Permit we will assist you with the immigration process, review all documentation, and prepare work permit applications.

A Detailed and Strategic Approach to Recruitment

We employ two main structures for recruitment:

·   Retained Managed Search
·   Contingency Recruitment

Our Retained Managed Search Services are for a set period of time where the recruitment search is exclusive to Details.  We manage entire process including initial consultations, search strategy, advertising, assessment and selection, reference checks, and candidate evaluations, reporting, interviews, assistance with compensation offers, and Immigration Management, if required. These services are performed for a set fee which is payable even if a successful applicant is not secured. 

Our Contingency Recruitment services fees are based on a percentage of the successful candidate's annual base salary. Our clients have advised us that our fee equates to a 10% savings in some cases when compared to our competitors.

With Contingency Recruitment we perform the same services as with our Managed Search Services but Details assumes all risk, Should you decide to not hire for the role fees are not payable other than out of pocket expenses such as advertising of the position.

If you wish to manage part of the process on your own, we can tailor our services accordingly and manage select administrative functions such as CV accumulation, screening, initial interviews, etc. on an hourly rate basis.